Group management

Nobia’s Group management comprises the President and individuals with responsibilities for business units or central corporate functions.

Below is a presentation of the Group management members.

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  • Morten Falkenberg President and CEO Born 1958. B.Sc. Business Administration. Employed at Nobia since 2010.
  • Previous positions: Executive Vice President and Head of floor care and small appliances at Electrolux, senior positions in TDC Mobile and the Coca-Cola Company.
  • Holding in Nobia 692,303 shares (private and pension)
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  • Kristoffer Ljungfelt CFO Born 1977. Employed at Nobia since 2013.
  • Previous positions: CFO Nordic region in Nobia. Finance Director in Nobia Norway and Business area Director in Sigdal Kjøkken. Experience from senior finance positions at Electrolux
  • Holding in Nobia 9,518 shares
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  • Ola Carlsson Executive Vice President, Chief Product Supply Officer Born 1965. Employed at Nobia since 2017.
  • Previous positions: Group Vice President Global Operations at Munters and Chief Operations Officer at Electrolux Small Appliances.
  • Holding in Nobia 28,300 shares
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  • Peter Kane Executive Vice President, UK Region and Head of Magnet Born 1965. Employed at Magnet since 1984.
  • Previous positions: Management positions at Magnet.
  • Holding in Nobia 66,778 shares
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  • Rune Stephansen Executive Vice President and Head of Commercial Denmark Born 1965. Employed at Nobia since 2009.
  • Previous positions: Leading positions at Marbodal, Kvik, Sportex, Rusta, Ikea and Jysk.
  • Holding in Nobia 23,592 shares
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  • Fredrik Nyström Executive Vice President, Head of Commercial Sweden Born 1977. Employed at Nobia since 2008.
  • Previous positions: Head of Strategy in Nobia and Nobia's Head of Program office.
  • Holding in Nobia 3,766 shares
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  • Ole Dalsbø Executive Vice President and Head of Commercial Norway Born 1966. Employed at Nobia since 2004.
  • Previous positions: Leading positions in Nobia Norway, Norema and Sigdal Kjøkken.
  • Holding in Nobia 23,458 shares
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  • Ralph Kobsik Executive Vice President and Head of Central Europe Born 1970. Employed at Nobia since 2018.
  • Previous positions: Head of International Markets at V-Zug and senior positions at BSH Bosch and Siemens Home Appliances.
  • Holding in Nobia
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  • Christian Rösler Executive Vice President, Head of Ewe/FM Born 1967. Employed at Nobia since 2007.
  • Previous positions: Management positions at Ikea Austria.
  • Holding in Nobia 6,045 shares
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  • Thomas Myringer Executive Vice President, HR Director Born 1960. Employed at Nobia since 2003.
  • Previous positions: Senior HR positions in the Skanska Group.
  • Holding in Nobia 27,530 shares
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  • David Thorne CIO Born 1963. Employed at Nobia since 2015.
  • Previous positions: Leading IT positions at Howdens Joinery, MFI Group, Acco Brands, Technicolor, Epson and BBC.
  • Holding in Nobia