Financial targets

Nobia’s financial targets are to generate favourable returns for shareholders and long-term value growth. The company is steered towards three financial targets, related to the company's profitability, financing and share dividend.



The Group’s operating margin (EBIT margin) is to amount to more than 10 per cent over a business cycle. Furthermore, Nobia aims at an organic growth that is 2-3 per cent higher than the market growth and also growth through acquisitions.


The debt/equity ratio (net debt/shareholders’ equity) is not to exceed 100 per cent. A temporary elevation of the debt/equity ratio is however acceptable, for example in conjunction with acquisitions.


Dividends to shareholders are on average to be in the interval of 40–60 per cent of net profit after tax. When decisions about the amount of the dividend are made, the company’s capital structure is to be taken into consideration.

Latest update: 18 May 2016