Production and logistics

Nobia manufactures a wide range of products, from flat-pack cabinets in streamlined and efficient flows to high-quality customized products characterized by traditional craftsmanship. 


In total, Nobia has 13 production units in six countries in Europe.

Sweden:  Tidaholm
Denmark:  Ølgod, Bjerringbo and Farsø
Norway: Eggedal
Finland: Nastola
The UK: Darlington, Dewsbury, Halifax, Morley and Grays
Austria: Wels and Freistadt

All production units, except for the plants in Eggedal in Norway and Grays in the UK, hold ISO 14001 environmental management system certification.

Nobia's production system derives from a decentralized structure of plats and individual supply chains linked to each brand. The products are generally sold in the same geographical market as where the manufacturing is located.

Nobia is moving towards a larger scale and brand-independent production. Being part of a large Group makes it also possible to share expertise and methods across production units, which drives continuous improvements.

Latest update: 20 February 2017