Magnet operates as a kitchen specialist for British consumers and builders with a nationwide store network. Most of the stores are mixed stores, which means that sales to both consumers and builders are conducted in the same store. However, some of the stores are specialisted in one of these target groups. Magnet also sells directly to construction companies.

Magnet Retail is a nationwide chain of kitchen stores that caters for end-consumers. The kitchen solutions, in the mid-price segment, are rigid and normally sold complete with comprehensive after-sales care.

Magnet Trade is a nationwide chain of kitchen stores that mainly caters for builders and local construction companies. The kitchens are in the mid-price segment and rigid. A limited range is kept in stock and the stores also offer a range of joinery products and windows.


Markets: UK
Joined Nobia: 2001
Established: 1918

Magnet Group
3 Allington Way,
Yarm Road Business Park
Darlington, Co Durham
DL1 4XT, United Kingdom
Tel: +44 1325 469441
Fax: +44 1325 744003