Learning and development

At Nobia we like to view our customers as individuals; the same applies to our colleagues. We are committed to developing our people to their fullest potential.  We take great pride in the training and development options we offer. Many of our brands provide in-house training academies where Nobia personnel can learn about such areas as products, sales processes and sales techniques, design and drawing tools.


The Magnet Training Academy in the UK is providing around 40 different courses and programmes to the staff in the UK. Magnet Academy received several external awards for their excellent training quality.

In Denmark, the HTH Training Academy has a long history of providing excellent training to managers and sales staff in the HTH stores. Among others, a sales management training programme for co-workers in all of the Nordic HTH stores is continuosly provided.

There are many training initiatives available to our co-workers in production. One activity is the ongoing Group-wide implementation of Lean production. We constantly work to optimize our production processes, finding new and efficient working methods, training our team members in the lean concept, and sharing best practices and ideas between teams.

Since 2013, the implementation of a Group strategic initiative called Front-end Excellence has involved a lot of training and development for sales staff and store managers. The concept helps to drive sales performance and customer experience through learning new manager tools, coaching, and continous feedback.

In the Nobia Group we are constantly seaking new methods to learn. In some of our brands we offer e-learning, mentoring and online programmes to our employees.

Latest update: 27 May 2016