Stefanie, IT

We call ourselves the "all-rounder" for all stuff which has a plug.
Mainly I administrate servers, computers, telephones etc. I am in the Service Desk Team to support our colleagues all over the world. I also work as intranet solution administrator for Nobia.

What made you decide to join Nobia?

I joined Poggenpohl when I was 23 and I was really proud to work for such a strong brand (Poggenpohl), because "everyone" knows our kitchen brand. But my first impression was the family feeling here in Herford and in other Nobia areas when I visit them.

Please describe your career path within Nobia.

It's more my personal career within IT - I have learned a lot in the past years, and as we started the centralization of IT I've had more and more contact with other IT colleagues in other countries. We have common projects and we visit each other for face to face meetings. Together we create visions which are, to me, the future of IT.

What kinds of skills or experience are valuable to have in your role?

Teamplayer, business oriented, open minded, constructive.

What are you working on right now?

I work on a Nobia project for a new Service Desk System/Software which is a big project, because all colleagues have experience with a Service Desk tool and they have a lot of requirements for the new system.

What do you enjoy most about the work you do?

I like to help people and find solutions when they experienc big problems with computers. When I find a solution for a big problem - it's like I win something and the people are happy. Computers and Systems are very important for the business.

How would you describe the business culture in a few words?

Fast moving, creative...

What types of future challenges and opportunities do you foresee in your areas?

My current work. It is the challenge for this year and the coming one... Looking forward to new big projects.

Latest update: 21 December 2016


Name: Stefanie Oertel

Job title: System administrator/Support

Based in: Herford, Germany

Educational background: A level / State certified examination of Information Technology

Professional experience before Nobia: Poggenpohl is my first job after my education was completed

Interests: Football, cars and my home