Return on shareholders’ equity

Profit for the period as a percentage of average shareholders’ equity. The calculation of average shareholders’ equity has been adjusted for increases and decreases in capital.

Return on operating capital

Operating proft as a percentage of average operating capital excluding net assets attributable to discontinued operations. The calculation of average operating capital has been adjusted for acquisitions and divestments.

Gross margin

Gross profit as a percentage of net sales.


Profit before depreciation and impairment.

Net debt

Interest-bearing liabilities less interest-bearing assets. Interest-bearing liabilities include pension liabilities.

Operating cash flow

Cash flow from operating activities including cash flow from investing activities, excluding cash flow from acquisitions/divestments of subsidiaries, interest received, increase/decrease of interest-bearing assets.


Region corresponds to operating segment according to IFRS 8.

Earnings per share

Profit after tax for the period divided by a weighted average number of outstanding shares during the period.

Operating margin

Operating profit as a percentage of net sales.

Debt/equity ratio

Net debt as a percentage of shareholders’ equity, including non-controlling interests.

Equity/assets ratio

Shareholders’ equity, including non-controlling interests, as a percentage of total assets.

Capital employed

Total assets less non-interest-bearing provisions and liabilities.

Currency effects

Translation effects refer to the currency effects arising when foreign results and balance sheets are translated to SEK. Transaction effects refer to the currency effects arising when purchases or sales are made in currency other than the currency of the producing country (functional currency).

Latest update: 13 May 2016