Social and economic responsibility

Nobia has a fundamental responsibility to develop and maintain a socially and economically healthy company. To meet this responsibility Nobia should:


  • Comply with laws and regulations in the countries where they operate
  • Respect the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights
  • Maintain a high ethical standard
  • Adopt an open attitude towards those affected by Nobia's operations
  • Respond to inquiries from external parties and communicate with affected parties in a good manner 

Safe and secure workplace

Security for employees is a top priority and Nobia works according to a vision of zero accidents in the workplace and work-related injuries. Preventive measures are taken to minimize the risk of accidents, injuries and sickness absence.

Code of Conduct

All employees and partners are expected to follow the principles outlined in the company’s Code of Conduct. The Code of Conduct is based on international conventions and includes principles regarding fair competition, anti-corruption, impartiality and conflicts of interest, respect for the individual, fair working conditions, labour safety and protection of the environment. The Code of Conduct sets out the minimum level of acceptable behaviour.

Responsible sourcing

All suppliers must comply with laws and requirements, as well as the UN Declaration on Human Rights as well as the company's Code of Conduct. Suppliers are inspected and assessed according to Nobia's guidelines for environmental, health and safety, social and ethical issues. A supplier evaluation template with an integrated rating system is used, where a low rating leads to corrective measures or not entering into a business relationship. Audits of new suppliers and those considered high-risk are prioritised in this work.


Latest update: 29 March 2016


Nobia's Code of Conduct