Strategy for profitable growth

We focus on profitable growth by selling inspiring kitchens and by introducing new concepts and new ways of interacting with our customers. But we also want to grow through acquisitions of kitchen businesses that are compatible with the Group’s existing structure and where synergies can be found. Realising efficiency opportunities is an important part of the strategy.

There is efficiency potential in all parts of the business, but primarily in product development, sourcing and manufacturing.


In order to generate growth, Nobia focus on improving the customer experience, both in stores and online, and to differentiate the brands by introducing new products and solutions. Nobia also have the ambition to expand its business to new customer segments and to grow by acquisitions.


The strategy has six themes that are connected to each other. They include investments to create growth, activities to improve processes and targeted initiatives to enable the plans and the achievement of goals. Economies of scale throughout the value chain is the foundation for the strategy.


Strategic focus areas  

  • Omnichannel
  • Product development
  • People
  • Economy segment
  • Production structure
  • Acquisitions

Nobia's strategy

The strategy can be summarized in the foundations Efficiency and Growth.

image description Morten Falkenberg, President and CEO