Magnet Somerton kitchen


Magnet operates as a kitchen specialist for British consumers and builders with a nationwide store network.

Magnet is a nationwide British kitchen chain with 216 stores for consumers and professional builders. Magnet is one of the UK's strongest kitchen brands. Its kitchen solutions are in the mid-price segment and are delivered with a high level of service commitment. Magnet's core range of rigid kitchens was supplemented with a range of ready-to-assemble kitchens, Simply Magnet, a few years ago.


A range of kitchen products is kept in stock for builders, while a range of doors, windows and joinery products is also offered. Builders have been
offered Click & Collect since 2017, which allows them to see prices and stock status and place orders online. Magnet was repositioned at the end of the year, which resulted in a simplified purchasing process, a clearer offering and a new campaign.

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