Nobia's environmental work

Environment and climate

Nobia strives to reduce its environmental impact by limiting the use of hazardous chemicals, husbanding resources, introducing more efficient heating systems and optimising transport.

Nobia's overall environmental impact is relatively small, both from the products and from the manufacturing process. Nevertheless, the company strives to reduce its environmental impact.


The environmental work within Nobia is delegated and integrated into the activities of the different regions and production units. At the group level, focal areas for environmental work have been defined and selected indicators linked to them. Based on the group-wide strategy, the regions set goals and priorities. 


  • Carbon dioxide emissions - transport, heating and electricity for production
  • Energy consumption – electricity and heat consumption
  • Choice of materials – wood and chemicals
  • Finishing – use of water-based paints, and emissions from solvents
  • Waste – recycling and waste reduction
  • Packaging – volumes and type of materials

Material recycling


In 2018 50 per cent of our wood waste went to recycling into new products. 

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