Responsible procurement

Centralised procurement allows Nobia to work in a structured way by laying down requirements, monitoring and developing suppliers. Purchased materials and components are specified in detail and the suppliers are audited with regard to human rights, working conditions, environmental issues and business ethics.

The supply chain

Nobia has a central procurement function. The vast majority of our more than 700 suppliers in our supply chain are in Europe.


A sustainable supply chain and good relationships with our suppliers are crucial to our ability to offer attractive products to our customers. That is why we are constantly working to bring about open and effective cooperation with responsible suppliers.


Supplier audits

Nobia has a specialised function whose role is to check and assess suppliers according to the company's guidelines on human rights, working conditions, the environment and business ethics. The purpose of the supplier audits is to reduce risks and contribute to development at our suppliers.




In 2016, we audited 79 suppliers in various countries and within various product categories.

Supplier audits

Number of supplier audits 2014-2016