Marbodal Arkitekt kitchen


Nobia has Nordic Swan-labelled kitchen platforms in various colours which are sold under the Marbodal, Norema and Sigdal brands in Sweden and Norway. The demand for eco-labelled kitchens is increasing.

In 1996, Marbodal was the first kitchen company to start supplying kitchens with the Nordic Swan mark. The decision required changes in production and big investments in finishing machines and development resources.


The Nordic Swan mark requires:


  • Chemicals to contain a minimum of hazardous substances
  • Wooden materials to be of traceable origin and contain wood from certified forestry
  • Wooden materials to produce low emissions of harmful substances
  • Finishing to take place in controlled systems with water-based and UV-cured paints


A minimum of hazardous substances and low emissions in Swan-labelled products will reduce both the risk of health problems from using the product and also the negative impact on the environment.

Sales share Swan labelled products


In 2018 45 per cent of sales in Sweden and Norway came from Nordic Swan eco-labelled prouicts.

Nordic Swan Ecolabel