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We are working steadily to reduce our direct emissions from production and transport; at the same time, we want our products to allow consumers to live more eco-friendly at home.

Renewable energy and reduced CO2 emissions

All our production facilities and all our own stores use only renewable electricity.  Moreover, many of our production facilities are heated through energy reclamation of our own waste wood.

Our total CO2 emissions have decreased in pace with switching to renewable electricity. Before the switch, our total emissions from electricity, heating and fuel for own transportation (Scope 1 and 2) was approximately 34,000 tonnes in 2016. Since then, our CO2 emissions decreased to approximately 13,600 tonnes in 2019 – a total reduction of 60 per cent in four years and 25 per cent in 2019.


Climate impact in our value chain

We are now taking the next step and looking at other measures that will help us further decrease our direct CO2 emissions going forward. During the year, we began work on surveying emissions in our value chain in order to broaden our insight into our indirect climate impact.


Optimisation of transportation

Transportation from our production facilities to customers takes place through distributors, or alternately with our own vehicle fleet depending on the market. We work continually on optimising our transportation fleet through better overview and planning. To reduce the impact from our own fleet, we upgraded our route planning tool for the Danish market during the year. It is estimated that the upgrade and automation reduced miles driven by 5–10 per cent.


More climate-smart meetings and travel

An initiative in increased opportunities for digital meetings was launched throughout the entire Group. This is how we want to promote a culture with more climate-smart, virtual and travel-free meetings. During the year we also revised the Group’s company car policy. The intent is to encourage employees to choose a more environmentally friendly car and to support the choice, for example, of electric cars.

100 %

renewable electricity in all production facilities and all own stores



60 %

reduction in CO2 emissions in Scope 1 and 2 since 2016