Nobia aims to contribute to a more sustainable society. We base this on our own activities and work to support society where we can contribute the most.

GFTN - Global Forest and Trade Network

Nobia is a member of the Global Forest and Trade Network in the UK. GFTN is part of the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) and is an association of companies and organisations that have undertaken to carry out or support responsible forestry. 


TMF - Swedish Federation for the Wood and Furniture Industry

As a representative on the technical committees of the Swedish Federation for the Wood and Furniture Industry (TMF), Nobia aims to be in the forefront of product design, with products that meet demanding requirements for safety, service life and low environmental impact. TMF is a membership organisation within the Confederation of Swedish Enterprise which works to develop standards for product safety, durability and environmental performance. 


UNHCR - UN Refugee Agency

Nobia also supports the UNHCR, which acts on behalf of the UN to protect people fleeing war and persecution. 


Local initiatives

We also have many local initiatives within the different Nobia units, which contribute to various projects for a better and more sustainable world. Among other things, this means supporting local organisations and initiatives in the locations where we operate. Our brands in Austria, for example, donate kitchens to women's refuges and organisations for the homeless. Nobia UK runs a scheme called 'Magnet Trade Community Champions' which supports community organisations all over the country.