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Sustainable innovations

Under our brands, we offer kitchens that last for years. This long-term perspective requires remaining on the leading edge, developing products that meet the needs of both today and tomorrow. Sustainability is thus a central theme in our concept and product development.

With a new central function for concept development and design we bring additional strength to our brands also in relation to sustainability. In our product development, we use a sustainability scorecard to assess materials, work on design and assess the sustainability performance of the product. In that way, our products are put before a range of questions the responses to which allow us to reduce the environmental impact of products during their life cycle.


Concept kitchens

We want to meet changes in our business environment and customer needs regarding both design and function with our concept kitchens. We launched two concept kitchens with a sustainability focus in 2018. In the “Waste-Free” kitchen concept, we focused on recycled material and support for reduced food waste. In our brand Bribus, we continued our work on developing a circular concept kitchen.



We offer Nordic Swan eco-labelled products, as well as products that meet eco-building standards such as the BRE Environmental Assessment Method (BREEAM) and Nordic Swan eco-labelled buildings. Furthermore, we offer products that meet local labelling standards in our various markets. During the year, we expanded our offering of Nordic Swan eco-labelled products and launched the Nordic Swan eco-labelled worktops. In Sweden and Norway, 47 per cent (45) of the sales value in 2019 came from Nordic Swan eco-labelled products. We are seeing tremendous — and continually increasing — market interest in sustainability certification and product labelling.


Product safety

Product safety is a linchpin in our work. Safety and ergonomics are taken into consideration in all our product development. Before a new product enters the production phase, relevant tests are carried out both in-house and by accredited testing institutions in line with EU standards. In Nobia UK, all our cabinets and doors are rigorously tested in line with the Furniture Industry Research Association (FIRA) furniture requirements.

47 %


sales of Nordic Swan eco-labelled products in Sweden and Norway


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