HTH launches flat-pack concept in Norway

On October 1, HTH launched a new concept in Norway, offering quality-kitchens at almost half the price. Customers who choose the do-it-yourself option can now get an HTH kitchen delivered in a flat-pack.

The self-service concept allows HTH to attract new customer segments. With the new concept, prices are 40-50% lower than for a pre-assembled HTH kitchen. The savings are primarily within production and distribution, which cost more when customers order pre-assembled cabinets from the factory. For example, a rigid cabinet is six times larger than a flat-pack cabinet, so this affects the distribution cost.


HTH aims to take significant market share from other economy segment suppliers.


"Norway is one of our three most important export markets and success there has a significant impact on our bottom line. The goal is to see a considerable growth in our market share in Norway. That's why we are launching our most popular kitchens in flat-pack," says Henrik Karup Jørgensen, business unit manager of HTH.


October 1 also marked the launch of a new, user-friendly 3D design program on HTH's website at Customers can also consult HTH experts in stores just like they always have, in order to choose the right solution for their home.


A flat-pack HTH kitchen is easy to install and is delivered within 3-9 days.


HTH has sold kitchens in Norway for more than 30 years and today operates 22 retail outlets. HTH has successfully delivered flat-pack kitchens in Denmark for the past 15 years.