Structural efficiency

Structural efficiency is a prerequisite for being able to utilise the growth opportunities we see in the market while doing so with healthy profitability. We are investing in a highly automated production plant in Sweden is a clear example of how we are improving our production structure and thereby strengthening our manufacturing capacity and our unique ability to mass-produce customised kitchens at a competitive cost. Continuing to hone our production structure through increased specialisation and over the long term centralising our component manufacturing are measures that enable lower fixed costs and facilitate concentrated investments.

To achieve structural efficiency throughout the Group, we are reviewing our entire value chain. For example, we are evaluating how we best can meet our customers physically; we intend to increase the share of franchises over the next few years as well as expanding digitally. Transport efficiency is another important link in the chain as regards lowering both costs and climate impact. Realising economies of scale in sourcing and production by introducing common standard dimensions for our core range allows us to stand at the leading edge as regards developing new products and concepts that make us stand out in relation to the end customers.

The work on harmonising our processes within the Group has also been given priority. This is a prerequisite for modernising, and thus enhancing the efficiency of, our IT architecture.