Sustainability governance

Sustainability is an integrated part of our business and all our employees have a responsibility to contribute to our sustainability agenda, which extends beyond our direct business. Our commitment has been implemented in our policy framework and working methods. At Group level, we have a central sustainability function and in each market where we produce our products we have people working with sustainability related issues.

Sustainability is an integrated part of our operations and is pursued at various levels, from the Board's approval of Group-wide policy and principles to operational reviews and goal-oriented work in business units and countries. The Group-wide sustainability strategy and our policy framework govern and guide the work. 

We monitor compliance with and results of our sustainability framework both annually and on a continual basis. Through our annual reporting, we follow up on and communicate the results of our commitments in social, economic, and ecological sustainability. We also continuously monitor compliance through our management system and reporting of rules violations.

Internal and external stakeholders can anonymously raise concerns about Nobia code of conduct through the whistleblower (SpeakUp) function which is operated by an independent third party.