Strategy for profitable growth

In addition to the Group’s financial targets, Nobia’s overall goals are to be the customers’ first choice everywhere we operate and to be a responsible company that is attractive to employees and investors. By leveraging the Group’s economies of scale, we strengthen our local competitiveness.

During 2019, the business environment, market and our operations were extensively analysed, which became the starting point for an update of the Group’s strategic orientation. Nobia’s focus in the coming years is on organic growth and how we can create sustainable profitable growth over the long term, which means increasing sales organically while continuing to improve our operating margin. Regardless of whether the kitchens are sold to consumers or to professional customers, it is a matter of thoroughly understanding and meeting our customers’ needs – and understanding how consumers’ kitchens and lifestyles impact our society and our planet. That knowledge must then be converted into kitchen solutions that inspire, while the kitchens must be both economically and environmentally sustainable. 

Nobia has several leading brands that have long been in their respective markets. Marbodal, for example, was the first in Sweden with an eco-labelled product range. As one of Europe’s leading kitchen specialists, we have excellent conditions for creating profitable growth while having the possibility of and responsibility for ensuring a holistic perspective so that the environmental and climate impact from kitchens is minimised in the value chain.

Strategic priorities

Growth acceleration

Structural efficiency

People engagement


Design and sustainability leader

Nobia aims to be an industry leader in both design and sustainability. We are convinced that inspiring kitchen design and assuming responsibility in the value chain are what is required to become a leader – the one is a prerequisite of the other, and vice versa. Being a leader in design means continually predicting our customers’ expectations and developing well-designed, beautiful and emotionally appealing kitchen solutions that distinguish us from our competitors. Being a leader in sustainability means setting an example in finding a balance among various interests and creating kitchen solutions that promote sustainable living in the kitchen. 

If we manage our strengths and resources properly and focus on continual improvements, we will be able to achieve our overall goals: being our customers’ first choice and becoming – and being seen as – a responsible and attractive company. We have summarised the focus for the next few years, on the way toward these goals, in three overall strategic priorities, described on the following page.

Jönköping factory - an enabler for advancing our strategy 

One of our key strategic initiatives is the establishment of a new factory in Jönköping, Sweden, at the heart of our Nordic market. This state-of-the-art production facility will propel Nobia into the future, letting our heritage and knowledge meet the latest available production technology on the marketThe factory will bring great value to our Nordic customers enabling greater flexibility, next level of design possibilities, superior product quality and connected services while we are driving the green transformation. We are ensuring the production of sustainable and beautifully designed kitchens that cater to tomorrow’s needs, but also creating an exhilarating, innovative and modern workplace for our employees. It’s an industry game-changer. Not only for Nobia – but for all our partners, suppliers and customers. We lead the way by designing kitchens for life.

Nobia's strategy

Our strategy can be summarized in the foundations Growth acceleration, Structural efficiency and People engagement.

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Jon Sintorn, President and CEO