Nobia as an investment

Nobia is Europe’s leading kitchen specialist with operations that span over the entire value chain, from product development to sales to end customers. Our kitchens are sold under our strong kitchen brands, and also under private label. We are organized in three regions, where the Nordic and the UK are the largest. Are you interested in becoming a shareholder? Here we present four reasons to invest in Nobia.

The kitchen is the heart of the home

Indicators show that the kitchen has taken on an increased importance in our homes. The kitchen is no longer primarily a place for preparing food, but it is often the heart of the home. The kitchen has become the natural place for many of the households' activities and we spend more time in our kitchens. Kitchens get bigger spaces, are allowed to cost more and are today life style products with design and function as important parts.


Leading in Europe

Nobia is a leading kitchen specialist on the growing European kitchen market and has strong, local brands. Only few other European kitchen companies have such a size, which makes it possible to capitalize on synergies. We invest in assortment, products, stores, websites and other digital tools, and having a centralized sourcing and a large-scale production makes us cost efficient.


Strong brands

Among Nobia's brands are Magnet in the UK, HTH, Sigdal, Marbodal and Petra in the Nordics and ewe in Austria. The brands enjoy a high level of recognition and appeal and represent kitchens with good design and a high service level. Many of our brands has a long history on their respective markets.


Strategy for profitable growth

Nobia has a strategy built on the two fundaments of Efficiency and Growth. We create profitable growth by realizing scale benefits in all parts of the operations. Our growth strategy contains targeted initiatives for higher sales. In addition to this, we have the ambition to make acquisitions.

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