Nobia has reported in accordance with the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) since 2012. The sustainability reports have been included in Nobia’s annual report. You can download Nobia’s sustainability reports and GRI index here.

In 2015, Nobia established sustainability reporting according to GRI-G4, Core level. The sustainability report is included in Nobia's annual report for 2016, pages 22-31, with the GRI index presented on page 31. The reported sustainability aspects are based on the stakeholder dialogue and materiality analysis carried out in 2016.

Sustainability reports

Download Nobia's sustainability reports.
  • Sustainability Report 2017
  • Sustainability Report 2016
  • Sustainability Report 2015
  • Sustainability Report 2014
  • Sustainability Report 2013
  • Sustainability Report 2012
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GRI references

Download the GRI references.
  • GRI references 2017
  • GRI references 2016
  • GRI references 2015
  • GRI references 2014
  • GRI references 2013
  • GRI references 2012
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