People engagement

Nobia’s continued success is driven by the performance and commitment of our over 6,000 employees. Creating a solution-oriented culture characterised by diversity, where every individual feels that they are involved, is crucial for our ability to recruit and retain employees. Clear roles, responsibilities and targets that are broken down at a relevant level for all employees is a prerequisite for achieving the results we strive for. As is ensuring that our managers have the right abilities and conditions to lead Nobia to the next stage.

We want to create a work environment that is supportive, in which both managers and employees are encouraged to provide constructive feedback to push Nobia’s development forward. The purpose is to create an organisation that every employee can be proud of, enabling them all to work towards the same goal: being an industry leader in design and sustainability. Continuing to invest in competence development and efficient communication channels are critical pieces of the puzzle in everyone’s continual learning and development. High levels of competence, clarity and commitment are required so that we can be a successful, sustainable company.