Nomination Committee

Nobia's Annual General Meeting 2017 has appointed a Nomination Committee with the task of submitting proposals to the 2018 Annual General Meeting regarding:
  • election of the Chairman and other members of the company's Board of Directors,
  • Board fees and any remuneration for Committee work,
  • the election of and fees to auditors,
  • the election of the Chairman of the Annual General Meeting, andthe election of members of Nobia's Nomination Committee for the period from the end of the Annual General Meeting until the conclusion of the following Annual General Meeting.


The members of the Nomination Committee prior to the 2018 Annual General Meeting are: 


  • Viveca Ax:son Johnson, Nordstjernan, valberedningens ordförande
  • Torbjörn Magnusson, If Skadeförsäkring
  • Lars Bergkvist, Lannebo fonder
  • Arne Lööw, Fjärde AP-Fonden


Nobia's shareholders are welcome to submit comments and proposals to the Nomination Committee.


Please contact Viveca Ax:son Johnson, Chairman of the Nomination Committee, telephone: +46 8 788 50 00, or postal address:


Nobia AB
Box 70376
107 24 Stockholm