EWE wins marketing award

EWE won the Trade Show Marketing Award from Messen Austria (Austria Trade Shows) as part of the Austrian Medientage. They were awarded for their trade show presentation for EWE as well as their new brand Intuo.

It started with a countdown and the official release of both websites at the trade show booth. The exibition included a comprehensive product presentation that included fully-equipped EWE and Intuo model kitchens, a special client reception area, conference rooms and hospitality offerings, plus a multi-media centre as well as an evening dedicated to exports. The entire presentation was supported by classic advertising, invitations, press information and a trade show guide.


In addition to winning the Trade Show Marketing Award in Gold in the category over 100 m², this presentation also laid the cornerstone for the active generation of orders for sample kitchens, more than 1,000 visits to the booth, as well as several new customers in the export sector.


"We were successful, both from a conceptual and a visual aspect, in optimally staging EWE and especially our new brand Intuo, and turning these into a moving experience by using all the possibilities available at a trade show presentation," explained Marketing Director Günter Schwarzlmüller, referring to the "double" success of the trade show booth.