Gallery kitchen now in production

The designer kitchen concept Gallery, awarded the ELLE Kitchen of the Year prize in 2008, is now being produced and sold by Marbodal. The kitchen was developed by design student Anna Irinarchos as her final school project and the concept went from prototype to full-scale production through close cooperation with Marbodal.

The kitchen is characterised by open "peep holes" in the doors that serve as both handles and an updated version of the glass china cabinet. The cabinets also come with interchangeable back panels in various colours that can be changed according to mood or season.


"It's such a shame to hide your favourite things in a cupboard where no one can see them. With Gallery, you can easily transform your kitchen at a whim, depending on what you choose to showcase in the holes," explains Anna Irinarchos.


Anna and Marbodal have now fine-tuned the details and developed a concept that includes white door fronts for wall units, integrated LED lighting and playful back panels in red, orange, green and white. All of the colours are included in a kit so that Gallery can be flexible and personal according to the owner's preferences.