HTH wins prize for best stand

The BRD is the largest Norwegian building exhibition and the industry’s most important meetingplace with more than 400 exhibitors and 55,000 visitors.

Torben Møller of HTH Køkkener A/S, jury chairman Arne Skjell and Fred Karlsen of HTH Køkkener A/S Norway.


The jubilation knew no bounds when Fred Karlsen and Torben Møller of HTH received the award for the best exhibition stand at Bygg Reis Day 2009. The 300 square-foot stall was designed in a cooperation between HTH and Norwegian franchisees.


The panel included various representatives from the Norwegian construction industry. The committee appointed the stand as the most spectacular and well designed, in which the visitors were well received and given top-class service.


The jury's motivation reads:


"The stand is unique from other booth solutions. The overall impression is pleasing, and there is no doubt about which products are the focus. The use of glass, lighting and walls gives a fantastic effect. Booth staff are professional and courteous."


Tuesday to Friday, the exhibition is mainly targeted the B2B segment, whereas the weekend was mainly for the public. Compared with previous years, the stand was designed with focus on actual sales on-site.


After the first three days, the sales were more than five times the sales for the total last year's exhibition.