Myresjökök and Norema eco-certified

The majority of Myresjökök’s and Norema’s assortments have received the Nordic Swan ecolabel. The technology using water-based and UV- tempered coating systems has led to major improvements in working conditions in the factories.

Norema was awarded the Swan Ecolabel at the opening of the Construction Reis Day in Norway.


In order to fulfill the stringent Swan requirements for environmental impact, the production is examined in several steps. The criteria were developed by industry representatives, working closely with Swan. The idea is that most of the range should meet the Swan marking requirements in order to offer eco-friendly total solutions.


"Property owners who want environmental certification for a residence or building need suppliers who can live up to this," says Mikael Ek, marketing manager at Myresjökök.


In addition to being a guarantee for environmentally friendly manufacturing, the Swan label is also a mark of quality.


"Throwaway products can never be Swan-certified," explains Mikael Ek. "In order to be approved, our kitchens must endure rigorous testing for durability, safety and stability."