Nobia best in investor relations

Among mid-cap listed companies on the NASDAQ OMX Stockholm stock exchange, Nobia was awarded first prize the 2009 IR Nordic Markets Study. Financial analysts in the Nordic region have had their yearly say and put Nobia on top of the list.

Nobia didn't only win the Best Company category. In the category Best IRO, third prize went to Nobia's Ingrid Yllmark.


"I would like to share the credit for these awards with my team and my colleagues. This proves we must be doing something right," says Ingrid Yllmark, director of communications & IR.


A total of 180 listed companies were included in the Nordic study with a total of 790 analysts contributing to the survey. Analysts were asked to assess listed companies' overall performance in investor relations over the past year, the CEO's handling of relations with the stock market and companies' IR officers.


The evaluation comprise the annual report, quarterly reports, one-on-one meetings and capital market days, as well as the knowledge and competence of the IR team (CEO, CFO and IRO).