New cabinet standard makes Myresjökök more flexible

Just a few millimetres will play a vital role in Myresjökök’s change-over to a shared cabinet standard in its manufacturing in the Nobia Group. The transition to the new standard will mean that prices can be kept low, changes can be made more quickly to product lines and a larger range of Nordic Swan eco-labelled door models can be offered.

The new cabinet standard is the most significant change and new feature in Myresjökök's 60-year history. The change involves millimetres on doors and carcasses, a newly built assembly line and an extended plant in Älmhult. Never before has such a small change meant so much.


"Myresjökök has been the leading supplier to the project market for many years with excellent Swedish quality at reasonable prices. Our kitchens are highly valued by end-consumers and we now intend to focus on directly reaching this target group," says Mikael Ek, Marketing Manager at Myresjökök.


Consumers are becoming increasingly aware and knowledgeable; competition is continuously intensifying and Myresjökök wishes to continue to offer the Swedish population affordable kitchens that they can enjoy using. To inspire people and satisfy the needs of households, Myresjökök has created a new function on its website where customers can try their hand at interior design and design their own kitchen themselves. There are a variety of styles and models to choose from to give the kitchen a personal touch and make it one-of-a-kind.


With this year's catalogue, Myresjökök hopes to be able to ease some of the angst often associated with choosing a new kitchen and inspire its readers. The catalogue and website will also give those people who are not looking for a complete kitchen ideas and suggestions that will enable them to give their kitchen a new lease of life at a reasonable cost.


A total of 70 per cent of Myresjökök's product range has Nordic Swan eco-label certification, something that only a handful of Swedish kitchen manufacturers can match.


The change involves millimetres on doors and carcasses, to keep the prices low and that changes can be made more quickly to the product lines.