Published: 2014 Sep 11

Marbodal celebrating 90 years

Marbodal has been building kitchens for Nordic homes for 90 years. This was celebrated on 6 September in Tidaholm with an Open House in our production facility, the opening of a new museum and a party for our employees.

During the first two hours, more than 600 people came to see the production process. The visitors were shown around and invited to share some refreshments. They also had the opportunity to see a new exhibition about Marbodal's history, which has been put together by two former employees. The exhibition will now be permanent and will be used as a meeting place.


"Our dealers can take customers to the museum and show them what we have produced over the years, as well as how the operation has developed. It can also be a meeting place for former employees," says Rune Stephansen, President of Nobia Sweden Kitchens.


Marbodal's joinery factory was established in the Marbotorp area in Tidaholm in 1924. Kitchen production expanded dramatically during the 1960s and 1970s due to the Million Programme in Sweden, and is now a large-scale operation producing customised kitchens.


"Production is now more robust than ever. We are in a better position than all of our competitors when it comes to premises, machinery, our location in central Scandinavia, good products, good control and above all a knowledgeable workforce," says Petter Hjelmqvist, MD of Nobia Production Sweden.