Marbodal logotype

New visual identity for Marbodal

A new visual identity and logotype was launched on the Marbodal fair in March. A rebuilt Marbodal store opened in conjunction with this, with the new Nobia omnichannel store approach.

On this year’s Marbodal fair a new visual identity and logotype were launched, made to better fit todays media, with increased readability in mobile devices. Marbodal also presented a new web-based drawing tool for consumers, that contains several features for improving the experience of the buying process. 

The Marbodal store at Södra Vägen, centrally located in Göteborg, has been rebuilt according to the new Nobia omnichannel store concept, and opened in conjunction with the fair. The store contains inspirational areas to create a more seamless experience during the buying process. Digital tools make it easier to get started and enable the consumer to participate more actively.