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Nobia proud supplier of eco-labelled kitchens for one of the world’s largest inner-city wooden house projects

Nobia brand Marbodal is the chosen supplier of eco-labelled kitchens to Cederhusen in Hagastaden, Stockholm's first apartment building in solid wood.

Right now, the new district Hagastaden is under construction in Stockholm. Hagastaden is home to i.e. the Karolinska Institute and the new Karolinska University Hospital and in 2030 there will be approximately 6,000 new apartments and 14,000 new jobs in the area. 

Cederhusen (The Cedar Houses), located in the heart of Hagastaden, is one of the largest inner-city wooden house projects in the world, and Nobia brand Marbodal is proud to be Cederhusen’s kitchen supplier. Marbodal is delivering the Nordic eco-labelled kitchen Arkitekt plus oak, which will be the standard choice in all kitchens. 

Arkitekt plus oak by Marbodal. Photo: General Architecture


Large sustainability advantages

Cederhusen have a solid wood house body, a cedar facade and consist of four buildings in two blocks, with a total of 234 apartments. In addition to the fact that wooden houses are pleasant to look at and live in, they make a big difference to the climate. Wood, which is the only renewable building material available, binds carbon dioxide and can thus compensate for the emissions that house construction causes, which is completely in line with Nobia's sustainability ambition.

“We see this project as an important part of fulfilling our ambitions of contributing to a more sustainable future. We strive to have a positive impact on people and the planet in our choice of materials, how kitchens are manufactured, and how our kitchen solutions can promote a more sustainable lifestyle. Having our eco-labelled kitchen products installed in a building with high sustainability ambitions is fantastic”, says Amanda Jackson, Head of Sustainability at Nobia.

The construction of Cederhusen began in June 2020, and the new owners will access their apartments during 2022.

Builders: Folkhem
Architecture: General Architecture
Photos: General Architecture