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Nobia signs campaign that calls for Swedish legislation demanding companies to respect human rights

Nobia stand behind the “Take action campaign” which calls on the Swedish government to introduce a new law on human rights due diligence for business.

Amnesty Sweden is one of 14 actors who have initiated the Take action campaign (Visa handlingskraft), to show Sweden's decision-makers that there is a need for a law that requires companies to respect human rights. The campaign also calls on the Swedish government to work actively for an effective regulatory framework at EU level. Nobia, together with other companies such as H&M Group and IKEA, has chosen to stand behind this appeal. 

Nobia wants to contribute to strengthening the respect for human rights in the business community. We are already working to strengthen the respect for people and planet, e.g. through our program for responsible purchasing, which involves risk analysis of suppliers within the area of, among other, human rights compliance. 

Companies, organisations and individuals can sign the petition here: