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State-of-the-art factory progressing with robotics solutions from ABB

ABB is set to supply a range of robots for Nobia's new state-of-the-art factory in Jönköping, Sweden. By combining Nobia’s century long knowledge of the kitchen industry with ABB’s technological leadership, Nobia will realize the vision of a flexible and highly automated manufacture and transform the kitchen industry.

Nobia has selected ABB Robotics to supply robotic automation solutions for the new factory in Jönköping, Sweden. The leading robotics technology will make Nobia’s manufacturing processes more resilient, faster and more efficient.

"We are very excited about this partnership with ABB. We are building a future-proof, high-capacity factory that will support our leading position. It is a real game changer for the whole industry. The factory will manufacture customized, made-to-order kitchens at the highest speed and at the same time highest possible quality. The unique combination of technique solutions combined with our expertise will enable us to offer kitchens with leading design, and sustainability performance to customers in the Nordic region,” said Jon Sintorn, CEO, Nobia.

The use of the robot solutions will enable Nobia to achieve its vision for more flexible and higher automated manufacturing that's capable of producing customized products at scale. By taking on the repetitive and heavy tasks, the range of robots will enable Nobia’s workers to work side-by-side with new technology, and take on safer, more rewarding work.

Combining ABB’s technological leadership in automation, with Nobia’s century long expertise and craftmanship together with customer insights, the companies will create even more flexible and digitalized manufacturing processes in the future. Together, the companies strengthen the competence development within automation for the region around Jönköping. In the local area, ABB Robotics will support and educate Nobia's existing and future employees as well as students at Jönköping University and neighboring Linköping University. The training will be held in ABB Robotics’ recently opened training center in Jönköping.