The European kitchen market is very fragmented and local. Some kitchen companies have several brands in the same Group, although few have operations in several different geographic regions.


The value of the European kitchen market is estimated to EUR 12 billion. The four single largest markets are Germany, Italy, the UK and France, which jointly represent around 70 per cent of the total European kitchen market.

Trends and drivers

The number of households in Europe is expected to increase and there is an urbanization and densification of metropolitan areas. This indicates a growing kitchen market and increased demand for smart solutions for smaller kitchens.

Kitchens have evolved into a lifestyle product that is gaining increasing importance in European homes. New functionality and design encourage customers to renew or update their existing kitchen fittings.

The kitchen market is also affected by such factors as the general economic trend, the new build rate, the rate of employment and the development of the property market. The interest in interior decorating as well as product development in related industries, such as white goods, also influence the demand for kitchens.

Nobia's position

Nobia is Europe's leading kitchen specialist with strong brands and established distribution channels. Nobia has a size which makes it possible to capitalize on economies of scale in production, sourcing and product development among other areas.

Latest update: 20 February 2017