Nobia has a social, environmental and economic impact and has a responsibility to all of its stakeholders to develop a sustainable business. Nobia works to minimize the negative and maximize the positive consequences throughout the value chain.


Nobia strives to sell products that meet customer needs and environmental aspects. Manufacturing and distribution are mainly conduced in Europe. Most of Nobia’s activities are therefore conducted in countries where people generally have made progress in the areas of business ethics, human rights and labour conditions.

Employees’ work and commitment is crucial to Nobia’s success. By providing a safe and secure workplace with opportunities for career development, the company can retain and recruit competent employees.

Environmental impact primarily arises from manufacturing, assembly, surface treatment and transportation of kitchens.  Nobia strives to reduce the environmental impact by restricting the use of hazardous chemicals, using resources efficiently, introducing more efficient heating systems and optimising transportation.

Latest update: 18 April 2016