Nobia has reported according to GRI since 2012.For 2015 is Nobia's sustainability report prepared in accordance with GRI framework G4. The sustainability aspects that are reported are based on a materiality analysis conducted in 2015.


The sustainability report for 2015 is included in Nobia’s annual report pages 22-31. The GRI-index is presented on page 31 in the annual report.

GRI G4-19

The following aspects were identified for defining the report content:

Social aspects

  • Care of employees
    • Human rights
    • Safe workplace and fair working conditions
    • Employee Development and Career Opportunities
    • Impartiality and management of conflicts of interest
    • Diversity and respect for the individual
  • Interaction with society
  • Ethical business
    • High business ethics
    • Fair competition and anti-corruption
    • Responsible sourcing
  • Product responsibility
    • Responsible for the entire product lifecycle
    • Customers health and safety
    • Materials

Environmental aspects

  • Effective use of resources
    • Energy
    • Materials
    • Chemicals
    • Packing
    • Reduced emissions
    • Reduction and recycling of waste

Economic aspects

  • Cost savings
  • Cost
  • Financial opportunities and risks
  • Dividend and value

General aspects

  • Compliance with legislations
  • Supplier evaluations
Latest update: 10 June 2016