Annual General Meeting 2014

The Annual General Meeting in Nobia AB was held on Wednesday, 9 April 2014 at 15.00p.m at Lundqvist & Lindqvist Klara Strand Konferens, Klarabergsviadukten 90, Stockholm.

Appropriation of profits

The Annual General Meeting resolved in accordance with the proposed dividend to shareholders of SEK 1 per share for the 2013 fiscal year, totalling approximately SEK 167 million. The record day for the right to receive dividends is 14 April and payment is expected to take place on 17 April.


Election of Board members and auditors

The Annual General Meeting resolved that the Board would comprise eight members. Morten Falkenberg, Lilian Fossum Biner, Nora Førisdal Larssen, Johan Molin, Thore Ohlsson and Fredrik Palmstierna were re-elected. Stefan Jacobsson and Ricard Wennerklint were elected new Board members.


KPMG AB, with Auditor in Charge George Pettersson, were elected as the company's auditors for the period up to the end of the next Annual General Meeting.


Fees to the Board of Directors

The Annual General Meeting resolved that fees would be paid to the Board of Directors in the total amount of SEK 3,045,000.


Guidelines for remuneration to Group management

The Annual General Meeting resolved to adopt the guidelines for remuneration and other employment conditions to Group management. The guidelines' main stipulation is that remuneration to Group management corresponds to market levels.


Resolution regarding Performance Share Plan and sale of bought-back shares under the Plan

In accordance with the Board's proposal, the Meeting resolved to introduce a Performance Share Plan. The plan comprises approximately 100 employees and imposes the requirement that participants must personally purchase shares. After three years, the participants are entitled to allotment of shares in Nobia free of charge, provided that certain conditions have been fulfilled, including a financial performance target based on Nobia's earnings per share for 2014-2015. The target will be announced after the end of the measurement period.


For the Performance Share Plan, the Annual General Meeting resolved, in accordance with the Board's proposal, to sell a maximum of 1,500,000 bought-back shares to the participants of the Plan.


Authorisation to acquire and sell treasury shares

The Annual General Meeting resolved to authorise the Board of Directors, during the period until the next Annual General Meeting, to acquire shares in an amount limited so that the total holding of treasury shares does not exceed 10 per cent of all shares in the company. The Annual General Meeting also resolved to authorise the Board of Directors, on one or more occasions, to resolve to sell treasury shares, off NASDAQ OMX Stockholm.