Published: 2017 Oct 06

Sustainability strategy for Nobia

Nobia’s management has adopted a sustainability strategy. It is based on four focus areas and sets a direction for the journey towards becoming a more sustainable company.

The group-wide strategy links Nobia’s business to the company’s sustainability commitment, with the aim to reduce both our own and our customers’ impact on people and planet.

The strategy is based on four focus areas where Nobia, given the nature, scale and reach of business, can make a significant difference: sustainable innovations, decarbonization, protecting forests and responsible sourcing.

Two important goals are that by 2020 100 per cent of the energy in our production facilities should be renewable and 100 per cent of the wood should come from sustainable sources.

"We believe that the best way to achieve business success in the long term is by growing our business in a way that benefits our consumers, employees, suppliers, shareholders and the communities touched by our operations. We can only do this by making sustainability part of what we do”, says President and CEO Morten Falkenberg.