Business ethics

Good business ethics are essential to ensuring long-term relationships and to be a credible business partner. It is material for a company such as Nobia, with sales to both consumers and corporate customers, to safeguard its brand and to contribute to both the stable development of society and our own profitability over time by combating all forms of corruption. We achieve this by applying robust procedures for compliance with our Code of Conduct.

Code of Conduct

Our Code of Conduct provides references to relevant requirements by Nobia, such as policies, practices and procedures. It is an important directive for the company for all new hires and partners. The employees are expected to maintain a high ethical standard and to follow the principles laid down in the company's Code of Conduct in their work. Nobia values a healthy balance between work and leisure and encourages its employees to achieve such a balance. Nobia respects the individual, strives for diversity and equal treatment, and aims to increase the proportion of women in executive positions.


Nobia stands against all forms of corruption. Our anti-corruption framework includes our Code of Conduct and Supplier Code of Conduct and is incorporated into our governing documents. Nobia performs self-evaluations every year in all business units. These evaluations include a number of questions on internal control including corruption risks assessments.

Anonymous whistle-blower channel

To ensure compliance with the Code of Conduct, employees are encouraged to report conduct that breaches our Code using internal channels or the anonymous communication channel “Speak Up.” This channel is available to all employees via our intranet and to stakeholders on the website.