Sustainability strategy

Sustainability is a central part of our business strategy and now we are launching our new sustainability strategy with the aim of creating positive change that extends well beyond our own operations. With conscious choices, the kitchen can be as modern today as it is sustainable for the next generation. Through our long experience and high ambitions, we want to assume leadership in key future issues.
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Innovations for a sustainable lifestyle

The kitchen is a place where we spend a great deal of time, and where there is immense potential for thinking sustainably. As a leading kitchen supplier, we want to inspire and enable.

Overall goal: to design kitchen products that contribute to a more sustainable life in the kitchen and to adapt our offering of appliances to reduce customers' climate impact.

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Circular materials and flows

Wood is the main component of our products. Metal and plastic materials are other key materials categories. We want to offer kitchen products and solutions that will function in the more circular economy of the future.

Overall goal: to increase the proportion of sustainable products and material to thereby enable cleaner and more cicrular flows of materials.

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Reduced climate impact

Manufacturing transportation and extraction of raw materials contribute to climate impact and we want to strive to limit greenhouse gas emissions in our value chain. 

Overall goal: we have set a scientific climate target to reduce emissions from our own operations and in our value chain. In doing so, we want to contribute to keeping global warming well below 1.5°C, in line with the Paris Agreement.

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Promoting a sustainable culture

In order to strenghten sustainability topics throughout the value chain, tools and support are required for integration, as well as continuous skills development.

Overall goal: to strenghten skills in sustainability in our own operations and to work in our supplier chain, to strenghten our shared sustainability agenda.