The demand for eco-labelled kitchens continue to increase. Nobia offers Nordic Swan-labelled kitchen platforms within our Nordic brands, such as Marbodal and Sigdal. In 1996, Marbodal was the first kitchen company to start supplying kitchens with the Nordic Swan mark. Today about half of sales in Sweden and Norway comes from Nordic Swan eco-labelled products.

The Nordic Swan is an eco-labelling that helps the consumer to make good environmental choices. Nordic Swan-labelled products are evaluated and analysed from a lifecycle perspective – in relation to content (for example raw material and chemicals), process method (water- and energy consumption, emission to air, water and soil), quality and sustainability, and how the product is taken care of when it is consumed (recycling and waste treatment).

The Nordic Swan has high demands; requires documentation and extensive tests from independent laboratories in order to ensure that all requirement are fulfilled.


of sales of Nordic Swan eco-labelled products in Sweden and Norway




Here you may find our Nordic Swan eco-labelled assortment: