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Sustainable corporate culture

Through our employees, we make a difference. Employees with high job satisfaction, who display commitment and all work towards the same goals and vision, are crucial for our success.

Conditions for commitment and development

Our culture is based on our core values: Care, Deliver & Inspire. This entails, for example, that we respect and trust each other, and that we strive to make sustainable choices in all that we do. We want to promote a culture of trust and openness, and one in which we are allowed to make mistakes and learn from them. Being accountable and keeping our promises - to customers, partners and each other - is pivotal to our success. 

Skills development for lasting success

Nobia’s goal and development process for employees is an integral part of our work approach, which creates shared responsibility for our corporate objectives and ensures valuable contributions by all employees. This process also contributes to planning and following up on learning and development for every employee, in both their current role and their future career ambitions.  

Safe and secure work environment

Employee safety is our top priority, and Nobia has a vision of zero accidents in the workplace and no work-related injuries. Preventive measures are taken to minimise the risk of accidents, injuries and sickness absence. All production units have local management systems, based on ISO 45001, that encompass all of the employees with more detailed health and safety procedures. 

Equality and diversity

An inclusive and diverse workplace is fundamental for attracting and retaining skilled employees. Through our Code of Conduct and our equality and diversity policy, we clarify Nobia’s position and views on equality and diversity as a right and a resource for the company’s development. A new recruitment process was introduced during the year, where objective testing tools are used early in the process. The method was rolled out in most of the Nordic markets and in the UK and the results were successful.

Code of Conduct

Our Code of Conduct provides references to relevant requirements by Nobia, such as policies, practices and procedures. It is an important directive for the company for all new hires and partners. The employees are expected to maintain a high ethical standard and to follow the principles laid down in the company's Code of Conduct in their work. Nobia values a healthy balance between work and leisure and encourages its employees to achieve such a balance. Nobia respects the individual, strives for diversity and equal treatment, and aims to increase the proportion of women in executive positions.