Value chain

Nobia’s business covers everything from product development and production to sales to the end-customer. We strive to produce environmentally friendly and safe products, to exert a positive influence on the supply chain, to provide a safe and secure workplace for our employees, and to minimise the negative environmental impact of our business.

Product development for Nobia's standard range is handled centrally and procurement is coordinated. Our kitchen solutions are manufactured, finished, assembled and packed in 13 factories in six European countries. Sales are handled directly by our own Sales staff, through our own stores and via franchise stores and resellers. Our kitchens are in daily use in many homes for a long time.


Here we present our value creation and working methods at the different stages in the value chain.


 Product developmentProcurementProductionTransportSalesUse

Nobia's value creation

Nobia develops attractive kitchen solutions   with small environmental impact.

Procurement is coordinated, providing   economies of scale and the chance to work in a structured way by laying down   requirements, monitoring and developing suppliers in terms of social   responsibility, environmental concern and business ethics.

Nobia manufactures attractive kitchen   solutions in a safe working environment and creates value for its customers   with good function and design, and also works to reduce resource use and climate impact. 

The kitchen solutions are distributed to customers   mainly by road.

Nobia’s employees and business partners sell   the kitchen solutions. Information to customers is clear and accurate.

Nobia’s kitchen solutions have long service   lives and a low environmental impact.

Nobia's way of working

Sustainability is a key issue for Nobia’s   product development. The range includes eco-labelled products.

We carry out systematic supplier audits to avert social, ecological and ethical risks in the procurement process and to   induce suppliers to improve their sustainability work.

Our production process follows a target-based   ‘Lean’ method and includes systematic health and safety work to prevent accidents in the workplace and reduce energy consumption and raw material use.

Nobia optimises transport flows and loads in   order to minimise the number of shipments, and works with established   forwarding companies.

Our business methods conform to good business   practice. Our employees and business partners are required to follow the   principles laid down in the Code of Conduct. There is a channel for   reporting breaches of the rules.

Nobia performs relevant tests both internally   and externally, according to recognised standards. Sustainability is a key area in product development.