Value chain

Nobia’s business covers everything from product development and production to sales to the end-customer.

Our commitment to a sustainable development is both long-term and business-oriented and comprises all operations in our value chain. Our main impact on people and the environment relates to how the products we sell are manufactured, and how they enable a more sustainable living.


Product development

Choice of materials, design and functionality can create solutions that have a far-reaching, positive impact on people and the environment, for example, by extending the service life of a product, increasing resource efficiency, preventing waste and facilitating a more sustainable lifestyle. This is why sustainability is a focus area in product development, which means that environmental and social issues are included as early as in the design phase.


Our suppliers are found in various markets, and can impact both people and the environment where they operate. We monitor and audit the work of our suppliers on social, environmental and ethical issues for the purpose of reducing risk and promoting a more sustainable supply chain.


The health and safety of our employees is our highest priority. There are procedures and routines in place for continually improving our results in these areas. In our manufacturing we follow goal-driven Lean initiatives, which includes systematic health, safety and environmental initiatives to prevent  workplace accidents, reduce energy consumption and use of raw materials, and reduce emissions and waste. Of our 14 production facilities, 11 have an environmental management system that is third-party certified.


Goods transports make up the largest part of our CO2 emissions. Efficient distribution along the entire goods flow,from supplier to customer, is important for minimising environmental impact from transport. Studies and analyses of the transport flow are being carried out in close collaboration with our barriers in order to find new and optimal solutions.


We have a great deal of experience in designing kitchens, and we help the customer the entire way from inspiration to installation in order to provide a sustainable kitchen solution for both future and immediate needs. To ensure best practices, Nobia’s employees are trained in our Code of Conduct.


With our kitchen solutions, we can enable our customers to live more sustainably. In-house and third-party testing ensures that our products are safe for people and the environment. Our range includes Nordic Swan eco-labelled products, which are assessed according to how they impact the environment throughout their service life from raw materials to waste.

Waste and recycling

Waste, for example in the form of waste wood and packaging, occurs both in our own manufacturing and at the customer. We endeavour to minimize  waste and to find recycling solutions. Waste wood from production is used as an energy source or for new material.